Like I have already said we started school at 5 years old and the only teacher I can remember from the infant school was a Mrs Mitchel. my first teacher in the boys school was a Miss Polly Redding, from then on it was a Mr Henderson, then Mr Eslick, Mr Stone, Mr Rowe and the head master Mr D B Peacock. I was eighth from the top class when I left just two weeks before my fourteenth birthday.

I suppose at this stage I had better start to mention some of my school boy pals, of course many of them have now passed on. Reg Wevil & Ken Harris come to mind, along with John Court, Dave Palmer, Ron Palmer, Harry Leach, Ormond Couch, Errick Carter, Bill Richards, Dave Findlay, Jack Shirley, Jack Girling, Bert Bremyer, Jumper Collings and Bill Bryant along with Ron Mallet, his mother was known as my second mother because I spent so much time over at their house, even to sleeping there quite often.