Reuben haines


At The Looe Life Boat Station

it's Reuben Joel Haines !

Philip and Family Arrived Sunday evening 29th July 2019

Had cottage pie, for tea Reuben had too much potato?

Monday it was crabbing at Looe

Had to find old crabbing gear found one set and had to make one from a hand line and net The ones with a basket of net seamed to work best. The parking was difficult as they are changing over to pay on exit look forward to it working. The weather forecast was for lots of rain but we went any way Over the main road and into the car park at the back of the fish market We were late all along the wall places were taken up by avid Crab Hunters In the end we found a spot the bucket needed to be filled with water, It’s not easy as you might think! In the end it was my experience from the boat that paid off and we had a bucket of water to put our catch in! Philip had the best professional gear with a piece of sausage in (read later a chicken neck smelly but not rancid would have been best) before Bethany got her gear out her Dad had one on the line pulling it up slowly put that was one in the bucket, I put a weight onto the line for Bethany put hers out and had a big crab hanging on tightly so we had that in the bucket as well, then we had lots of ones caught but got away before getting them up to the top of the harbour wall.

As the sky darkened it was not long before we had spots of rain , rain coats on and up to the lifeboat station to the ramp so we could let the crabs go. Walk back via the beach and museum I got lost as Paulene thought I was behind but I had walked across the road but got a phone call from her and told her I was nearly at the Fish and chip shop but as there was a queue there we went on and bought Cornish pasties cheese foe Reuben, Chicken for Bethany and Lamb for Philip. Hannah Paulene and I had plan Cornish Pasties. Not the best but as they were warm and we had shelter under the Road bridge, we were enjoying our day, walking back they took there time looking at the polished wood, I just sat in the car. We went back via Trago Mills where they looked at the art stuff; I again sat in the car.

Tuesday I made wraps with the chicken cut up Philip & Family went to Eden project Reuben could not finish two but liked it

Wednesday to Mt Edgcumbe walked into the gardens played table tennis with Reubin and then across the lawn playing catch the Ball (base ball) through the garden but they went down to the rocks below the battery I sat up the top and waited well it was so long I went to find them Phil was finding Crabs again this time in rock pools As I came round the rock we climbed on around the rocks to barn pool beach where Phil was teaching Reuben to skim stones on the water. After which we walked through the gardens to the lawn where Paulene gave Bethany & Reuben a race to the House as we were going up for some lunch in the Stables. Hannah and I had the stable burger which was very good and had lots of chips. Hannah raced after the Buggy but it was just turning around and we had a ride down to the car park and just got there before the time on our parking ran out. Back and had a nice film of Kong Fu Panda and supper

Thursday 10:30hrs on the beach Hannah was brave as she came on PennCirrus we motored out to Cremyll then around Barnpool going to the Hoe. We able to put up a Jib, Paulene put the jib up with Bethany and as we tacked around hoisted the Main sail. Reuben was first unsure of the Sailing Boat leaning but as time went on he became happier. Picking up a buoy close to the land between Cawsands and Kingsand we let them row ashore with them all in it was low in the water so it was two trips in. Reuben stayed on board and hoisted the Jolly Roger then we had knot instruction. That evening Reuben had to see what a Video Tape was as we saw The Lion King for cinema evening

Friday morning Phil and family set off at 10:30hrs Forgot Reuben’s football, left on time but summer traffic had them arriving late at Hannah's Parents.

By Ralph Smith