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Christmas Trip 2010




After our cancelled trip to Ashau, I was not well for over a week, but now am much better, It's called Man Flu! It's always very bad and takes a long time to be completely better.


We went on a trip to Kurt & Rosemary, Friday 17th Dec going up leaving Plymouth 09:00hrs. good going until London then it was very slow clockwise round the M25 just road works. I let the SatNav. take us the shortest route near St. Albans should have went the long way to the (A1)M as this was near the rush hour and every junction was a hold-up.


Kurt was at the Firms Christmas Party so we only saw Rosemary & boys. We drove to their Church in Biggleswade as the the Boys had a rehearsal for the Christmas service. Then stayed with them until the boys bath time when we went back to the hotel. I had cancelled The Emplins a Guest house in the country, for the Holiday Inn Sandy as the weather forecast was for snow. Saturday started fine and after breakfast we went to see Kurt & Rosemary.



They took us out to see Father Christmas arrive by plane at the Shuttleworth Aircraft museum. Then looked over the collection of old air craft. It started snowing a little as we came back to Kurt's. Having played with the boys, by 16:30 the snow covered the curbs so as I was not too sure of the area we left for the hotel which was not very far away. We arrived safely but with the snow getting thicker by the minute.




We had Dinner in the Hotel and then watched the final of Come Dancing on TV. In the morning it took five loads of hot water from the large thermos flask to get the snow and ice from the car windows. The first junction, the roundabout on the A1 I applied the brakes and felt them not working and we seamed to slide a long way, before we stopped. Then we drove more carefully to the Church to see the Boys in the Christmas Play. We went back to their house and had lunch before setting off to Marie.



The Journey to Marie's in Hythe Kent was not too bad as the A1 road was mostly clear on both carriageways and the M25 was clear and going at full speed, until the Bridge at river thames crossing when we were stopped for 5min at the exit from the toll booths to be de iced. We carried on towards the Channel Tunnel the junction before is to Hythe we arrived at 18:00hrs but their Christmas Service Practise was cancelled. Olivia was staying the night and Essie was staying over the Christmas holiday. So we had a nice evening in. As we had dinner at Kurt's, Marie made sandwiches for tea.


Monday morning saw Lis arrive with Jared who went with Paulene shopping in Hythe and then we drove back to their house before going with Brian to pickup Hanna & Bethany. When we arrived back at Marie's Sarah with girls Bethan and Katelyn was already there and Marie had made dinner. Paulene and I had the beef cobbler Marie had cook for us the night before.

Then Brian played on the piano while the Girls Bethan & Bethany sang carols & songs






That evening Marie, Brian, Paulene and I  went round with Essie to her flat in Folkestone, where she made us tea. Cheese toast then three pancakes each. I keep asking Paulene if it was snowing yet? No! Paulene said not until I looked out, I could see that that there was a new layer of snow on the cars roof. Before we were snowed in I got Paulene, and we started off back to Hythe where I topped up the fuel in the car so we had a full tank to start back with.



The Trip back was to Home we had hoped to visit Byron but with the nights at below zero deg. The route via Poole Dorchester & Honiton was much too dangerous at that time. Going back was without a hitch. That was because we went via M4 Bristol and M5 to Exeter. The A38 to Plymouth was the the first time we saw the sun after we went up Haldon Hill which was still deep in snow but the road was clear. Arriving in Torpoint we went up to Mum Bank's to let her know all was well.


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