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Corfe Castle


Half term Holidays we hadn't done much, Marie again was coming up trumps. She was having a Caravan Holiday near Wareham , "What's the address" said I. Our telephone message "Lookout Caravan Park", well we knew we had to look out for a caravan park! and "Stoborough, EH20 5AZ"

" Well that had us near Edinburgh so I Googled Stoborough and with the postcode found to be BH20 5AZ" what went in the SatNav. and Yes! There was a caravan park called "Lookout Caravan Park".


The Sunday before Marie & Brian had visited and Byron had shown Jared his Boxing Gloves


Drove down Thursday 18th Feb 2010. Very Busy getting into Wareham as a water main bust had all the traffic coming out on the A35 at a "T" junction. Sausage rolls finished off with hot cross buns, before we went swimming in a nice pool with Marie Paulene & Jared. Elizabeth was getting a body massage, waiting for Elizabeth was great as there was a smashing Cafe and the Strawberry Milk shake was delicious.


Drove to Byron and now there were only traffic light controlling the traffic passed where the burst water main was. We saw the film Mulan 2 at Byron's. Had super lasagne & salad with garlic bread dinner. Byron & Sarah were ever so good with Jared who was running around like a wild thing. I think it was this that kept the tame rabbits so quite. In all a very nice evening, many thanks Byron & Sarah after we said goodbye to the Haines, we then watched some of the the first Transformers film but they went to bed before the end. We got up early enough to see Sarah off to work. After Byron left, Paulene vacuumed then I de-iced the car and we drove back to Wareham.


Corfe Castle

Bus to Corfe Castle

The Plan for the Friday was Brian & I had the children and have a walk near Corfe Castle, as we got off the bus which was a little late, Brian was in a hurry to get to the Bridge. " The train will be there in 5 min." well I had to realise that walking was another name for an opportunity to see trains!


Walk Corfe Castle



Paulene, Marie & Elizabeth had a walk round Wareham, waiting for Essie to finish her Facial , Paulene and Marie couldn't get an estimate as "Beauty treatment for Paulene and Marie was too big a Job!" Well they were having fun but needed a comfort break for Mari who was much sprightlier coming back to the car.


Olivia on the foot plate of a steamtrainSwanage

Brian, Olivia, Jared & I then went to Swanage by Bus. It was like the Cotswolds. The stone work was great but it looks like the Navy had all the trees. The bus stop was in the entrance to the train station, we went in and had a look in the footplate of a steam train.

We walked to the beach and found the Girls, They went off to get food at "Subway" Jared & Olivia had Lunch from a plastic container. They then Played on the beach, Brian Marie & Paulene walked and saw the Globe at Durlston Head.

I had a nap in Liz's car as I didn't want to hurt my hip, which was sore, by walking a long way.


Essie wanted us to stay as she was making tea, but I felt like making a move home before dark.


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