Ship of Souls by Burne-Jones 1858 St. Frideswide window Christ Church Cathedral Oxford




December 2009






Mari & Brian took a weekend and came to wish Mum a Happy Christmas, and to check on her after her fall in the garden when Gerald picked her up. This was a opportunity for Paulene to entertain.


1st December Sailing wash-up meeting at the Club

5th December Brian & Mari came with Esther

10th December Ferryboat Entertainers Concert at Cornerstone

11th December Sailing Committee Meeting

12th December  St Pinnock Band Played with Lady Singers

13th December Carol service at Cornerstone

19th December Drive to Kurt & Rosemary & Boys

23rd December Funeral of Brian Haines Dad

25th December Christmas Mum for Dinner

26th December Boxing Day Visit Byron & Sara at Poole


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