Plymouth/Roscoff Ticket


Torpoint Lady Singers

22nd March 2018 Thursday Evening 18:30hrs caught Coach for France first to the Ferry Terminal

Had cabin 6400 first cabin off the main entrance, small toilet & Shower cubical had to pull the top bunk down for Paulene. It was a lively crossing but we were happy arrived at Roscoff 07:30hrs Friday and got back on our coach to drive to Bénodet.

We arrived at lunch time but all the shops were closed for lunch? So we walked to a Boulangerie Bakers shop where I bought a Tuna baguette Paulene had some Quiche.
We were due to go out for a meal at 19:30hrs down at the water front. But the hotel Bains de Mer in Bénodet never had a lounge or coffee and kettle in the bed room. So not very sociable and as Paulene and I were not very good at French I didn’t take Paulene out for long.
The Meal was okay but not much veg. to go with the meal as we hadn’t any thing since lunch time. Better on Saturday

Choir Gwen Aod
Saturday 24th March 2018 well breakfast was continental; cereals baguette and croissant and juice and coffee! With jam butter ham and cheese. You couldn’t go wrong? We will invite you to share our Saturday Lunch!  GWEN AOD. Well you could because we were going to be entertained to a meal lunch time by the French choir.

Paulene got stuck into the cocktails! 
There was lots of apple juice, sparkling and still.
Then we had Crêpe Then we had Crêpe

Savoury and sweet fillings!

After that it was a quite walk back to the Hotel.

Three Choirs

Saturday evening we had a coach ride about a hour north of Bénodet where the Torpoint Lady Singers had a concert with two French choirs.

Sunday was a little hectic as the coach drive couldn’t drive due to driver hours limits! But with a hearty breakfast all had a good start.
Ben Aidouni knocked on the room door it was a nice surprise he is our host when we go on a twinning visit, and he took us to the Venue the Bénodet Accueil. The others got lifts from the other choir.

The mix-up was what are we eating lunch time? Well the Choir GWEN AOD are bringing sandwiches! But we had to bring our own so after a whip-round, Paul Roper got some refreshments in from the super market to keep the wolf from the door.
After the speeches by the Mayor and the committee, it was a long concert by the Torpoint Lady Singers broken by Sue Westwell the accompanist & Sylvia Fraser our Musical director doing some piano duets, after that the Gwen Aod’s turn to entertain us.

We then had a reception with cocktails and drinks, also a prize ticket draw 2 of which the TLS won Hilda , it was her birthday, and Chris Trethewey they won a basket of goodies.
We spent the evening with Ben & Françoise before Ben dropped us back at the hotel.
Monday morning it was breakfast, and then getting the bills paid which took a little effort as the hotel would have liked it to be all paid as one bill. Down to the water front where the coach was to pick us up, we waited for the representative of the French choir to say goodbye and then was off to Roscoff with the help of Ken Trethewey assisting the driver to find the exits on the roundabouts. Stopped at a supermarket and bought a present for Sandra Stentiford a 4X4 cake and some Lunch for on the boat Danish pastries, Blue Cheese and Bread for me & Quiche for Paulene.

On the Boat about 13:00hrs, first on so got nice comfortable seats. As Paulene had seen the film advertised in London we saw the film “The Shape of Water” you will have to ask Paulene what she thought of that, as she was very disappointed.
By the time we got to Plymouth it was Raining! When we were dropped of at the top school it was pouring down so we were well soaked arriving home.