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Sunny Torpoint 17-3-09


Dear Marie


            I took Mum to Plymouth today, as she is feeling a little better. We walked very slowly to Mark’s & Spencer looked round the store then took a stroll over to the Drakes shopping center. After we visited Boots chemist, Mum said she fancied a cup of tea.


As a treat for me, Mum wanted to take me to a rather posh café. Inside the café there were comfortable loungers to sit on. We left our coats on one, went over to the counter to choose some delicious sandwiches and cakes. Mum choose the chicken and salad one, while I chose the prawn and mayonnaise.


In the glass cabinet we both spotted a carrot and walnut cake. We couldn’t resist it, but to ease our guilty continence we halved the cake between us. The pretty young assistant asked if we would like anything to drink, Mum asked for tea, while I asked for coffee but fancied a large one today. Mum was happy to go along, large tea as well!


The assistant said the waitress would bring it over. Once we had got settled in our seats the waitress came over with two, very large objects. She placed the tray down on the table. My first reaction was to laugh out loud as the mugs resembled small buckets, they must have held at least a pint in each mug.


Mum couldn’t keep a strait face, she grinned from ear to ear. The waitress could see the funny side as well once we thanked her for bringing our buckets over. Mum and I paid the waitress then proceeded to eat our sandwiches; Mum looked at her tea then looked at me. “I hope I can lift it.” She sniggered.


Of course as you can imagine this set me off. I had a good laugh. The people in the café looked around as to why we were both laughing; Mum had both hands clutching the Mug. “I don’t think I will be able to manage too finish it.” She laughed! “It weighs a ton, I hope there’s a toilet nearby; I might have to make a quick dash.” she choked!


I can tell you that was a very entertaining snack. Once we had got over the giggles we had a good look in the other shops.


Later on we walked down to Dingles and changed that dress for Esther you left behind, they gave me a credit note, as you had used your Visa card. I hope that’s okay? There were a few blouses that I fancied trying on until I looked at the price. “Come on Mum,” I whispered. “Let’s go to the charity shops.” It was Mums turn this time to have a good laugh. Yes, I did manage to buy two blouses for Ł5 at the Oxfam shop. Mum bought me one for Ł2.75 as a special treat for such a good day out, Ha! Ha!


Oh! It was brilliant to see you all the other day for Brian’s 60th I will write again soon.

Love to yourselfes Brian and Esther not forgetting all the gang!!

God Bless.


Your little Sister Paulęnę   xx


 On the way home we called in at Aldi’s, well we didn’t want to be too extravagant with our spending did we Ha! Ha!




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