Arrived Friday lunch time 

Paulene went for a walk with them to Antony house I drove up to the Merryfield Church, we walked down to the river and when we got back to the car I gave Reuben a ride to the house.


After Lunch went Swimming at Liskeasrd Bethany went down the shut on her own,  That evening out to Sterts for a Meal before seing Liria perform the Pirates of Pensance



Church Bethany got a buterfly in her favourate colors, Paulene took them looking on the Beach north of the ferry, later they came to TMSC there Phil rowed Bethany and then Reuben first close in to the beach later Bethany sugested to go out round PennCirrus, so phil did another ride for them both.



Adrenalinn Quarry, we went on the gokarts and the other's went down the zipwire. Paulene & Uncle Ralph together and Bethany & Daddy went down at the same time


Tuesday    Phil, Bethany , Reuben & Uncle Ralph went on PennCirrus first motored round to Barbican to the Mayflower stepps. then after going out past MountbBatten Breakwater put the sails up all set by the time we got to the Eastern entrace of the Breakwater we taked inside the breakwater, a little drizzil at times but mostly nice.  Bethany did some funny turns in a circle. as we went past the western entrace of PlymouthNreakwater past the light house. the boat leaned a lot and Reuben didn't like it below so came up on deck, holding on tight. We flew the jolly Roger into Cawsands and saw Paulene & Hanah waveing on the rocks. Started the motor and droppede the sails picked up a bouy. Phil rowed the children ashore where they had Icecream and food. I was left to boat food but I was waiting for them ,


Wednesday Going to Looe

The best bit was catching the crabs from the wall of the river but then a nice dinner of fish and chips, coming back we picked up the scones we paid for. In the evening we had a cream tea , Norman & Isobel came with roxi, ruben got on well with her after a while.