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Remember the hand that reached out and touched you, the gentle voice that smoothed the worries away, the times you spent in deep discussion over politics and world events.


Remember the times when you saw a beautiful sunset or a fireworks display, or the time of sharing secret moments of first love & play.


Remember the smell of dinners cooked, hanging around the kitchen ready to sneak in and pinch a morsel of chicken or that crunchy piece of roast potato which has stuck to the pan.


Remember all the wise advice given over the years by those who love us and those who have loved us, to cherish the times and places and to thank the lord with all our hearts.


Now not just remembering, itís time to play our part. To put into practice all we have learnt from the past.


Itís time for us to give back to others who we love and see.


That we might be in time to come, those memories that linger on, and on and on!


We are all Godís children, some in slightly older wrappings.


Prayer by Paulene Smith







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