Going East



"Sunart" in Salcombe Friday

Ian Scott with his Kelt 8.50 "Sunart" wanted to go on the club cruise, I would have crewed for him but had a bad cold, fortunately as the winds were rather strong we didn't venture out and left it till July to have a cruise. Monday 1st July 2013.

Night on the Boat on moorings, neap tides.

Ian Scott 'mist came lower the rain harder'


Off Tuesday morning to Dartmouth out on the motor to off Knap Buoy when we pulled up the sails it was a good wind, a beat into the wind to get to well off Start Point. over to Skerries Buoy before going north to the Dart. When mist came lower the rain harder the wind picked up to 30kts the jib flogged before we got it rolled up. As we came by the Castle we had a number of pleasure craft turning here as a trip further out would have been uncomfortable for them. Turned into wind and lowered the main sail, Came past the Dartmouth Sailing Club pontoon but was not sure if they were for visitors and went on up to Noss-on-Dart Marina before we turned around and looked again for a space. This time we halted on Dartmouth Sailing Club pontoon but had too moor along side another boat for an hour at which time we had a space and tied up along side, these pontoons are for boats up to 30ft. We had a mixed grill for dinner at the Dartmouth Sailing Club.


"Sunart" On Dartmouth Sailing Club Pontoon

Wednesday morning waited for the flag to fly at the sailing club to show it was open and then went in for a shower, I had a shower in the gents, but as there was only one working Ian went in the Ladies, after asking the cleaner who had opened up. Only to be surprised by a lady coming in, so he quickly made his self known and apologised "Yes this is the ladies toilets but as there is only one shower working in the gents I was told I could use these!"

After breakfast we took the lower ferry to Kingswear looking for non-safety matches, as Ian had difficulties lighting the Catalytic gas heater. Walked along the Darthaven Marina Quay to find the chandlery this we found was the "Best stocked Chandlery" we have ever been in, it had every thing from engine parts to sailing clothing! We came back on the Kingswear passenger ferry walking back from the ferry landing stage Ian found the elusive matches.



We went for a cruise up the Dart about lunch time, this was with the flood tide, after going across the middle of the shallow ground at Dittishham, between 'Lower Back' and 'Flat Owers' there is a channel towards Sandridge Boat House, Ian was happier when we turned around at Stoke Gabriel. We came back down the long way over at Galmpton side of the river, but had to have the engine running the last 200m round the Greenway Quay, down the river and out to sea. Out around West Rocks and Mew Stone buoys going east from Dartmouth.


Sailing 2 hours we were around Bolt Head and tacked into the Torbay to Brixham Harbour we didn't make it in one tack but decided to motor the last 100m well we tried to roll the jib it proved very difficult I couldn't roll it even from the bottom of the drum, it took the skipper in desperation to rotate it, later we decided that had we took the tension off it might have been easer?


We were looking for the pontoon at the Brixham Yacht Club it's right at the back of the local moorings on the right, it didn't look like a lot of water but as it was also by the Pilots station we found ample depth of water and two empty pontoons, these were off the shore and so needed the dinghy to go the 10m to the landing.


The facilities were excellent very nice showers, after we had a drink and Ian paid for the nights stay, we walked the 200m into Town, I had a hand covered in blood, a little nick of the knife as I made a bread roll yesterday, the plaster came off and it started to bleed again I washed it in the toilets and rapped a tissue round it, before we went into the Co-op bought peas and chocolate bars, later it was rapped in PVC tape much more secure. We had to walk round via the Fish Market to the landing after we picked up our lifejackets which we had left at the club. That night we had chicken curry and Chinese noodles both from Aldi's with peas afters Mandarins, Ian was not keen on the packet custard that was to go with them so I had a large helping!.


Brixham Yacht club Pontoons

The Ness, Teignmouth on the right



Thursday morning there was blue sky and flat calm first thing. We started off, the first thing we could see the red headland but this turned out to be Dawlish but soon the Ness was in view and Teignmouth which we passed and as the wind was a gentle south westerly went nearly as far as Exmouth but turned around and beat back. Ian read the pilot notes and we went in on a rising tide the channel had large Red & Green buoys at the entrance and a row of red cans going into the Point but with 3m under us we were not too sure which the channel the pilot notes had referred too. we came in about 14:00hrs and there was only one other Yacht on the two visitor pontoons, later they filled up and we moved to the end of the pontoon to let another 10m boat in front, a larger boat moored up on the inside of the pontoons. After a walk to the Harbour Masters office too pay our dues we went into town. In the Co-op, we bought a brown loaf of bread. That evening we had Stewed Steak and potatoes for afters Ian had treacle tart I had one but also the rest of the custard. After dinner we went for a walk to the Teign Corinthian Yacht Club which turned out to be closed, it was nearly the last building as far as the railway tracks at the East end of town, coming back past the pier we could see the water breaking on Spratt Sands 50m to the right of the red buoys, and checked out the elusive black pole, behind the large stone pillar, which looked like a flag pole in front of a gable fronted property these were the transit for the inside channel over Pole Sands not now used.



Friday morning we wanted lots of water under us going out, so it was 06:30hrs up and motoring out at 07:00hrs it was a clear blue sky and flat calm using the channel markers we went to the last port hand buoy and turned right motoring well out we made for Bolt Head Otto then carried out on the same heading until we had a direct transit for the Skerries Buoy, Sunart's engine ran sweetly at 2400rpm all day long, this gave us about 5kts through the water.




Leaving Teignmouth

Going in it was very picturesque on the right had side


We turned at the Skerries Buoy close to Start Point there was a little swell but we had the tide stream going with us so it was a quick passage to Salcombe. Going in we could see the two round yellow marks for the bar and went right over to the leading line.



We picked up the buoy that was marked visitors max 9m. Quite soon we had the Harbour Masters Launch come along side,


I cheekily said to the young lady. "Your quicker than the seagulls."

"Well we don't leave the boat in a mess." Was the polite response.


We were pleased that the fee's were not as high as Dartmouth, and you could have a shower on the quay using the pin code on the receipt, also there were lockers where you put in 1£ to leave your lifejackets as you walked round town, and got it back as you opened it. We were most pleased, but later found out the down side that it was extremely popular and mooring along side on one buoy was the common practise, We also had a call.  "Ahoy Sunart! Can we come along side?"  On a calm evening as it was we had no problem, but it could be in rough weather!



Yachts Rafting up in Salcombe


Ian after working on the roller furling reefing line, took down the fore sail and did some maintenance on the top swivel of the roller furling and was pleased to be getting it working better.


This evening again Ian was the chef as he has been most of the time, but this time he was making the Carbonara that had been promised, it took a little while but was worth the wait. He said I had a larger helping but I was finished before Ian and scraped the plate clean, at home I would have licked it but Ian was trying to get me to behave a little more couth as he is on his boat, not like what I is on PennCirrus.


Saturday morning the tide stream off Bolt Head was going to be westerly in our favour after 08:30hrs so with a leisurely breakfast including grapefruit, never did get the boiled eggs and soldiers, as I had not been madly keen to have them first off, we made ready. Ian motored out and again Otto came into play.


Ian Scott at Bolt Tail


We went as far as Bolt Tail and the Ian went in to check out Hope Cove we went within 100m of the rocks and then started sailing, wind less than 5kts we made some way about 2kts but soon with the tide stream and a little fresher wind we were well out after Ian tacked and we did 3kts through the water in 7kts wind towards the Mew Stone. It was a pleasant sail but coming into the Sound we had to make some large changes of course to avoid Racing fleets in the sound. 'Sunart' was back on her mooring at about 16:00hrs


Ralph Smith