Fri 19 Oct 2018 Friday got up at 05:30hrs and away by 06:00hrs at Dover P&O bookin

Saturday 20-10-18
Called up the travel Insurance and went in to the Nout denest in the Bonn Hospital because I had Blood in my urine,
after breakfast at konigs winter
Arrived about 17:00hrs
Hangar-7 - Aviation Museum
Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique architectural and artistic ensemble, home to a big collection of historical aircraft from the Flying Bulls. In addition, Hangar-7 is synonymous with modern art and superb gastronomy.
Stiegl Brewery
Stieglbrauerei in the Salzburg suburb of Maxglan has been Austria’s biggest and most successful brewery since 1492.

for lunch we had snitzel and salad then
Drive back via the Kasserne in Strup & Chiemsee
Drive to Closter Seeom by lake walk around saw the carpenters shop, with the crib figures.
Drove passed Chiemsee to a town called Prien where we saw a exhibition from Armin Mueller-Stahl which I found not very good but Claus, Angelika & Paulene found very good
Ausstellung: Armin Mueller-Stahl "Menschenbilder"

We saw a short film about him and his painting which Paulene found enlightening. Because he painted not from the head but from the gut feel.
We stopped by the Island Blike Restaurant looked good but no room for us. So drove on to guest house ”Kupferschmiede”
Salz & Pfeffer UG
Gasthof Kupferschmiede
Trostberger Straße 1
83339 Chieming-Arlaching bei Seebruck
Tel.: +49 (0)8667-330
Fax: +49 (0)8667-16242

we had curry sausage and chips in the bikers restaurant
I asked why the curry was like a bar-b-q sauce. It’s a Berlin favourite.
Coming back we followed three 1900’s cars
We came back for a sleep before cake then dressed for Gym
which was in the town hall, we meet Rolf and Gaby there and did exercise for an hour before wrapping up to come home in the cold. Then we had supper. Lars was still working!
Wednesday Raining
Claus went with me to fill up with diesel but now it had gone up in price since Monday.
We went into C&A Waldkriburg and Paulene Bought T shirts for the boys.
Came back for Lars and went into a Restaurant in
Muldorf thr Geigehaus where they had a days menu I had gulash and noodles Claus, Angelika and Paulene had chicken and rice Lars had snitzel, found out he had been having trouble with the CAD program and had to start afresh to get it working properly.

Thursday 25th October Claus Birthday
Morning went for Breakfast in Waldkriburge

Drove past where Lars was working

Thursday Evening went to Bräustüberl Ametsbichler