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Visit from Uncle jim gilchrist

Mum's brother from Hamilton Scotland

Uncle Jim & Mum his Sister Mary at Torpoint 09

jackie & elizabeth brought him Thursday 13th August 2009 but went back home to work for Monday so we only saw them.


Rain on the way back didn't stop this pair from enjoying then self's

Friday went on the boat up the river tamar. Didn't see the seal but rain on the way back didn't stop this pair from enjoying them selves.


Dinner at sterts for Jakies & Elisabeth's Anniversary.


Then had Dinner at sterts Theatre

it was also Jakies & Elisabeth's Anniversary.


Saw a Great Musical  "Children of Eden"


It didn't stop with Adam & Eve and went on to Noahs Ark, with lots of young people in the cast, I liked the Giraffes that nodded their heads all over the audience, Jackie was more worried abut the big friendly Panda that sat beside him!


Saturday went for drive stopped in Cawsands and walked to the end of Kingsands and back before we had snack in Moran's Cafe, before a quick walk round Mt. Edgecumbe so we left lots more for them to see of the park if they come another time.


Lunch at Looe was a nice Fish & Chips

We enjoyed having Papa as he's known in Scotland, stay with us for the week.


Coming back Tuesday evening after Racing PennCirrus. I found Mum enjoying Brother & Norman having a jam with their Bagpipes.


Wednesday lunchtime Uncle Jim & I went down to the TMSC. to play pool, The man with the bonnet is a hustler, even though I potted the black accidentally on two games! So it was 3 to 1 that he won.


Thursday lunch at Looe was a nice Fish & Chips. As you see food is a common activity, I like it! But it was here Uncle Jim explained how he keeps so trim and how even chips do not have to be fattening, if you leave them on the plate!


Paulene & I decided that we could take Uncle Jim back to Scotland and make a little visit ourselves.

Friday morning 21st August on the 07:00hrs ferry, good going most of the way but a number of sharp showers which reduced us to less than 30mph and in the slow lane, these were only short lived and it soon dried up and we arrived at service area just before Carlisle at 14:00hrs this left a hour and a half's drive in nice weather to drive in to Scotland on moderately a quite motorway. It needed to be as I had driven all the way and needed a good rest.


When we arrived in Hamilton at  Elizabeth & Jackie's they had made a meal for us and we meet lots of  family. First the children all boys,  then the two the girls. Jakki her boy's are Paul Liam Jack Nathan, & Marie her boy is Reece.


Elizabeth had been round her Papa's house where we stayed, to make it more comfortable than for a dour Scotsman with lots more to eat than Original Scott's Porridge Oates for breakfast, many thanks for all the little touches that made it so friendly!

Saturday we were driven round Glasgow where Jackie pointed out his site in the middle of the city then we visited IKEA where we meet Jackie's sister.

That evening Jackie picked us up for a meal at Equis a Resturant / Ice cream parlour. Here we meet Jamie their son and his partner also George & Helen who we had meet when they came down to Torpoint in Sept.07. lots of talk about their holiday which they were going to go on Tuesday with Jackie & Elisabeth, starting with a night in a Hotel near Glasgow airport.


Jackie then drove into Glasgow where we meet for the first time Paul & Tracy and their one year old son Oisín, this was after keeping up to date with all their news even the far east Holidays which were very exciting as Papa had got me on Tracy's e-mail list.

Jane Bill with wee Jane

Sunday we went visiting with Uncle Jim.

12:00hrs till 13:00hrs first went to see Auntie Nettie

13:00hrs till 14:00hrs Jane and Bill where we saw wee Jane as well.

Next with Tom & Isobel we stayed for a drink. The hardest thing was to move on, as we could have stayed and chatted half the day with any one of our relations. next Janette & Graham. As you see we lost the timing, this is when we got the, "Urgent phone Byron!!"  Was this after Paulene had the pet Snake round her shoulders sorry no photograph of this.



wee son Ethan


Byron & Sarah have just got engaged!!!


Janette & Graham 09John arrived asked his Mum for help, so gave Paulene a ride in a Red Sports Car to John & Terri's new house, which they were in the process of decorating. I helped shove a settee into the Bedroom?


Janette then drove us round to her son James flat where we meet his wife Kelly and wee son Ethan

Back to Janette's where Paulene needed a bite to eat. Janette made a huge pile of ham sandwiches which we devoured. It was nice to visit them it had been a long time since our last visit. They reminded us of the time when they came to see us and the boys had played James Bond on the rubber dinghy out at sea?


Our final visit was to Glen & Lindsay Jim's youngest daughter. who we also had never meet before. We are sorry to have missed out a visit the son of John & Massie that is Andrew & Laura and their child Ava as they also live in Hamilton and had recently visited Mum Banks in Torpoint.



Mary Paulene Amanda & CaseyMonday morning we went to the cemetery with Elizabeth left some flowers on Granny Gilchrist's grave. Went back to say goodbye to Uncle Jim, had a lunch of soup which Elizabeth had made. Dropped in to see Auntie Nettie, who gave us the details how we were to meet her daughter Mary on the way back south from Carlisle. This is Mary Paulene Amanda & Casey at Lancaster Motorway Service Area on Wednesday.


We drove off to meet Paulene's mate Averil  at Carlisle.









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