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Byron & Sarah were competing as co-pilots


May Bank Holiday we had an interest in Looe Powerboats  Class: P750 Thundercat

Byron & Sarah were competing as co-pilots, they stayed here over night Thursday, before calling in to Nan Banks then shooting off to Looe lunch time Friday.

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Saturday Morning 2nd May 2009 saw us driving down to see the Racing. Well if the mist stayed there would have been none but after a little while the mist lifted and shortly the Power boat racing started. The Thundercat class was due to start at 13:00hrs but after the delay due to the Mist it was more like 14:00hrs


We were not sure on what would be going on but first the boats warmed up it was exciting to see the acceleration of them and the sharp turns they made. But this was the long distance race 50Km and it was over to Millendreath Beach that's the Beach top right at the end of May Ln. and back 14 laps, as the start was a couple of hundred yards off  the Banjo Pier it was hard to see the start it was a mass of boats running to start under a green flag "VoomVom" No. 22 peeled back and came through the fleet of 14 boats just as the green flag went down and the pack was off to the Millenreth mark but with the timing of their run just right Pilot James Tapp and Co-pilot Byron Smith went into the lead.

They held that position for 12 of the 14 laps “VoomVoom” was overtaken by “MicroLink” Pilot Darryn Harrison Co-pilot Sam Lane who won the race. “VoomVoom” came in 2nd, tired and sore after the long distance race. It seemed like Byron was bounced over the side of the boat, a couple of time but he held on.

Pilot Lynsay Crellin and Co-pilot Sarah Vik in the “SelfTrading” an all girl Racing Team No. 57


Pilot Lynsay Crellin and Co-pilot Sarah Vik in the “SelfTrading” an all girl Racing Team No. 57 had a grin a mile wide as they came in fourth; this was their first time with the Blue Print Class.

all girl Racing Team No. 57

Sunday was a much brighter day but a cold wind from the North we keep our coats on. We arrived about 11:00hrs as the pre-race briefing was underway this was a going to be a Beach start and three short heats before the qualifying final race for championship points.

It was first Blue Print Class boats James Tapp and Byron’s class with Sarah and Lyndsay as well. All standing in shallow water the Green Flag up and when it went down they jumped in and pulled the starter cord and a dash for the top mark before doing the lap with the dogleg in.
Fist lap “VoomVoom” zoomed down to the beach in the leadFirst lap “VoomVoom” zoomed down to the beach in the lead round the turn along yards off the beach towards the Pier with the mark 50yards off it had to be a tight controlled turn and then into the dogleg with the spraying wake of the boats hiding much of the detail. Then to the top mark about 200yds out before the next leg parallel to the beach before the next turn back down inside the rocks to the East of Looe Beach. Again right close in 20 yards off the Beach, 9 laps in all. It was neap tides about 13:30hrs HW. so there was lots of water and it didn’t change much over the Thundercat races. Great result "VoomVoom" first, with “SelfTrading” third. 


"Southampton Solent University" Pilot  Bligh Julius Co-Pilot Simon Butters No. 33

Start of the Standard Class "Southampton Solent University" Pilot  Bligh Julius Co-Pilot Simon Butters No. 33 Started well the first race and came in first with a performance that reflected the long distance race.

Unfortunately on the next two heats the engine just would not start until they were at lest half a lap behind. With much drive and skill they managed to get in the middle of the pack before the finish.


"VoomVoom" had a touch of this on the qualifying final race, they had a poor start by their standards which put them at the side of the pack before the mark, and a swerve by “SelfTrading” saw them T-Bone "VoomVoom" in the side, the Girls flew out and Red Flag stopped the race. It was quite some time before we heard that Sarah was okay and it was Pilot Lynsay Crellin that was brought ashore in pain. This saw a running start in grid order which was fortunate for Pilot James Tapp and Co-pilot Byron Smith in "VoomVoom". The Race finished with "VoomVoom" first and Joint winners with “MicroLink”over the weekend.  

It was nice to hear, despite having her leg hurt by being held in the straps when the boat "stopped",  Pilot Lynsay Crellin was ready to party by evening!



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