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The Attic Bedroom Croft-Holiday-Cottages The Barn 


Brian & Marie Haines enjoying the family get together  



 Andrea & Joachim and Olivia Croft-Cottages

Marie & Paulene a picnic at Cenarth

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Easter had a good working up too, it was lots of Church Services; A Tenebrae service at Millbrook Thursday, Good Friday service where we went in a procession from our church to St. James, then the easter service in our church, see the pictures of the cross before and after.

We also went up to Wales where Marie and family stayed for a week at croft-holiday-cottages we only stayed for two nights but had a great time I liked the pool, also had a nice day at cenarth where we had a super picnic. The bed room was the tiniest attic room you can imagine, see the picture above, but oh so nice visit.

Sailing is pretty good first race came first. Went up to st. germans lake with Paulene Sunday afternoon It was lovely and sunny yet still cold without lots of clothing, the outboard is playing up and I will have to get it serviced as itís a modern one with nothing to go wrong! ( Or can be repaired? ) This Tuesday's race PennCirrus with a lage crew of  Ian, James & Richard, came first again, but closly chased by five boats but as the tide was going out one got stuck on west mud , Itís between St. Johns Lake and Millbrook Lake.


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