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Liz Brian & Children

came Saturday 1st August and Left 6th August


Weather typical British



Liz Brian Olivia & Jared arrived at 14:30hrs and we gave them a big Shepard's Pie for dinner but they were not very hungry as they were eating in the car coming here.


Brian & Olivia trip to DawlishSunday

Brian, Olivia & I went to dawlish to see the tornado steam engine, and to show Olivia you can get black swans. Brian bought 4 stuffed toys for the grand children at the dawlish teddy bears shop.

Jared went To Nan Banks & picked apples after Paulene Liz & Jared went to tragomills, Jared got his eye caught on a coat hanger.

Olivia was brave and slept the night on PennCirrus.




Olivia going ashore on the dinghy.With Olivia rowing back ashore she was pleased to say she was not going to do it again, I couldn't see why? Later learned that for breakfast was beans and I put mine on a plate and then hers, at the time thought nothing of it as she was good and ate it all, she told her mum the beans were cold! "But they were baked beans!" Olivia said.

Samantha came with the puppies.

Was going to see the Classic boats but weather kept them from racing as they were still wet from coming round from the Barbican. Went to hear Half way Harmony at TMSC with Brian he liked the choir.




Brian Jared & I went swimming we used our free bus pass and got the swim for over 60's free, Jared was in the water from abut 11:00hrs till 13:45hrs without a break. After we went to the the brittania inn a weatherspoons pub where Brian got a round of drinks and Jared had the same as us, for dinner Jared & I had Ham egg & chips Brian had sausages and chips because it had beans in the picture, for Jared. Half way through Jared was sleepy and Brian feed him as much as we could before he fell fast asleep, I even got cups of coffee hoping that Jared would wake up so we could catch the bus back from Milehouse. No such luck and Brian had to carry him to the Bustop, and again in Torpoint back to the House. Still he was fast asleep, Brian even phoned Liz to see what to do? Well he had been ever so active and just was tuckered out!  Paulene went with Olivia & Liz to see Nan Banks and saw Samantha and Dogs.



Jared being taught to steer.Wednesday

Again Olivia & Jared went separately. Jared had been promised a bus ride by Brian so they caught the 81C at 09:56 from Torpoint. A good view of Lynner Lake, tregantle fort , whitsands bay, cawsands & kingsands, millbrook, mount edgcoumbe and Cremyll. some ride! I had motored over to the Mount Edgecolmb Duck pond and when I heard a call approx 11:30hrs there they were on the seashore took the lifejackets ashore and picked them up for Jared first ride on PennCirrus. I taught him how to helm the boat which, when we were in calm water he enjoyed.



Jared went crabingArrived and anchored in Cawsands at 12:15hrs as Jared & I rowed ashore we saw the bright pink beach net then Liz Paulene & Olivia arrive at the beach. We had a good time and stayed with the children playing in the rock pools looking for crabs, snails and seashells



Dinghy loaded for the trip home

Going back we had Paulene Liz and Olivia on the boat and Brian drove back the car with Jared.




Got ready to go home, Loaded Samantha & Marks old computer in for Liz to get to grips with, also a printer. Went up to get Nan to go to the Doctors at 10:30hrs. then she stayed for dinner of rice and meatballs, Brian had a dodgy stomach so didn't have any. Nan stayed to see the family off at 14:15hrs. We then went to Brian & Eves "Cream Tea in the Garden." Where Nan has won on the raffle.




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