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Fridayday 9th August 2019 Paulene & I went to Brian & Marie for a longer visit. There was tremendous traffic and we took 10hrs to drive up to Hythe, but on arriving Joachim was keen to let us know it was his Lasagne we were having Anneka had done the sweet which was Banana loaf but that was not all Liz was around with Olivia and her boyfriend James so with Dan & Esther we had 10 down for dinner!

Essie (Esther) and Ben Gilchrist round for dinner but first he beat me three times at Chess!

Brian drove Dan & Children up Southend Airport in the morning, B-B-Q Sunday night. With the team from Burkina Faso where Marie Liz & Olivier took part in the project.

Liz Oliver & James came for Lunch I beat him twice at drafts.

went to Dover see below. .

Katelyn & Dog called Theo came to stay we went to Sainsbury's I stayed outside by the Military canal with Theo. They enjoyed their purchases but Katelyn didn't want to take her new dress off! She had it on Friday Morning?

We went with Esther to Grove Ferry Picnic Site walk along the Great Stour River & then into Caterbury where the ladies went shopingafter Brian took me to look at the City Wall then into the City for coffee at Macdonalds, where we had a market stall holder selling up calling for last closing offers Only 1£ a packet!!! Then down to 50p a packet!!!

left about 10:30hrs it took us 6 hours to Kurt normal 3½ hours; traffic was bad at the Dartmouth Tunnel.

Brian & Marie had a very hectic day. First Marie had to be in early for her hospital operation, then Brian was to drive to Gatwick Airport to take Phil and family to catch the plane to see Dan & family in Czech Republic.
This was all with M20 Closed between Hythe & Ashford!!!

South Foeland LightHouse


South Foeland


Haines & Smith

Tuesday went to Dover, stopping of at the SKCC where Paulene had a guided tour all around even the boiler room, Reuben went as well as he was his Dad's assistant that day, but I was exspecting a dirty faced pair back but they were clean? Paulene wanted some M&S underware so was going with her sister to Dover to shop. Had lunch first on the beach but the shopping center Tescos was only a food hall! Then we went to the White cliffs, Brian gave us the option of 4 mile walk or a 1 mile walk to South foreland Light house.

Foot Path

Foot Path

I was happy we went for the walk down the foot path not all the way along the cliffs. You can see above our foot path where Brian dropped us off to walk to the Light House after a very enjoyable tour round the light, We went down to St. Margarets Bay looking forward to food! The Steak Night but it was reservations only, so we went to Dover for a Carvery at the Rock Rose where it went down well with a nice Australian Red !


The Lights Workings