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Picnic in February



It was a bright sunny day Saturday 12th February 2011 but the temperature was low, all right when you have a salad you don't need to keep it warm, but we could have had ice cream without worrying if it would go soft! Next time we may try a flask of soup to keep us warm.



Paulene wanted to get out in the sun shine and planned to make a Picnic for Mum. Mum was barking as if she smoked, but she was well wrapped up in her Christmas scarf from byron & sarah, I had my little bobble hat  on from them, with the little button on, I've been called a Steiff Bear when I wear it.



Mum commented that we will always meet some one that Paulene knows, this time it was Helen and family from next door, also making good use of the first dry day for weeks!





After lunch at Barn Pool Paulene took her Mum up the path towards the Mt. Edgcumbe House then over the grass into the top of the formal garden.


There was a new part, using Recovered Stone work in the Park.




Then down to the Italian Garden. Where Paulene and Mum pointed out the Difference even if it was covered by a fig leaf.






So finally after a relief stop, they went into the small shop. I completed the trip with a leisurely trip around Millbrook lake to end a very pleasant day.




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