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Brian joined in and had a cycle ride with three of his grand children all on the one bike !

Even Nan Joined in here she is with Paulene guess who is doing the pedalling?


Paulene & I went to Poole for four nights in a caravan, at Sandford Park starting 29th August 2011. Mum Banks came and had a room to herself and also my brother Wolf and his wife Ami stayed with us, no! they also had their own room. At Sandford Park we meet up with Marie and her family, Liz was staying with them with her children, Daniel and Andrea were staying in their own caravan with their children.

Wolf flew into Southampton airport on Sunday and stayed with Anita & Brian in Christchurch that night. We went to pick them up Monday evening with Mum Banks. We stopped by Byron and Sarah's and picked up my dress suit for the wedding after trying it on. at Christchurch we were pleased to see Aunty Kathleen there. Anita & Brian had done a marvellous job on their Kitchen Breakfast room which now was open plan with a full length Glass doors out to the garden.

Tuesday we went for a drive through Wareham and to Poole via the ferry at sandbanks. Tuesday night Bryon & Sarah came over in the evening and we had a meal with them.

The weather Wednesday was very nice and we played in the swimming pool. The children had a club in the main hall making a junk display, that evening they were judged and Olivia was pleased to come over and show her Great Nana the Certificate. This was while Nan was getting her hair done ready for the big day tomorrow.



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