Cloudberry Home from Gweek




Roger Toulouse asked if I could sail back with him from Gweek Quay Boatyard where he had his boat Cloudberry repaired & painted. As I had a church meeting on the Friday night he kindly arranged the crane in for HW. pm Saturday 19th September 09.


Teresa was going to drive back with Rogers truck and Paulene came along for company with Mary Jane. We arrived early Saturday afternoon and took aboard all our bags and some cans of fuel. We left the dinghy to be loaded when afloat, as it was too heavy for me to carry up the ladder, which we forgot to have returned in the truck as it was in the way in the front cabin for the trip home.


We went to the local shop for a big bottle of drinking water. And had a nice lunch in The Gweek Inn. One of the first jobs Roger had us do was putting on the mainsail it had different batten pockets to which I knew, these were with Velcro and a pull string to get them out. I had difficulty with one that seemed too long but we found it was the top batten which went through to the slider and was the full width of the sail.


After a very shallow patch leaving the quay we went slowly down the river and found it well marked with buoys. It was very twisting for the first mile then the river was deeper and wider. Roger chose to go on a visitors mooring so that we were able to get a good nights sleep without worrying about dragging the anchor.

Afloat at last

We got up early for me, at first light and used Peter Coopers Garmin Chart plotter to navigate out in the mist.

Off Durgan Beach we saw the sun rise up out of the sea but it was partly obscured by a large boat, we later saw the large fleet at anchor as we left the Helford. Roger set the engine at a steady cruising speed and we set of for Dodman Point. Only a little while were we able to make any reasonable way with the sails, so it was again cruising on the motor.



Alan Bradfield on Lydia was going to meet him off Fowey. We called Lydia  on VHF when off Dodman Point and found difficulties, later off Fowey we were in good radio contact but still we could not see him. Alan must have very good glasses as we eventually made out a boat that might be Lydia. It was nice to see Jess relaxing on the foredeck when we came along next to them.


It was very nice for Alan to meet us and to have company. Here we had time to eat the large Sausage casserole that Teresa had prepared, I must take note on how Roger could decline extra food, as not being hungry. It would make a big difference to my figure if I do likewise.


With Rame in View

When not on the helm I had lots of rope where I could whip the ends as we still tried to sail. It was not until around Penlee Point where there was a nice wind, there  Cloudberry could show her speed.


With a nice tack into the Hamoaze we were ready to moor up, but Roger's buoy was deep in the water and no bridle fitted, we didn't risk a rope with the chain over night. We tied up along side PennCirrus and after Roger got his rubber dinghy pumped up we went ashore and saw Teresa ready to pick him up.


Later I rowed out to Check after I saw Nuclear Submarine go by with tugs and all accompanying boats, the fenders were still in place. Looking back could we have used Peter Coopers mooring?


Ralph Smith