New Horizons

Mewstone at Dawn



Early in the dark Good Friday Morning 6th April 2007 I arrived at the boat 'Volonte' it was 04:50hrs, as I stepped in the Cockpit a sleepy "Good Morning" greeted me, I was not the only one awake. Peter Cooper welcome me on board, I had not picked up his Telephone message that he and Brian were going to sleep on board that night. I stowed my large bag and holdall.


Across the Marina Cloudberry - Roger Toulouse was active and presently started up the Diesel engine 05:00hrs with little noise at no more than a tick over he cast off and manoverd out of the berth and through the marina then steering along the channel and into the river.


Peter followed a couple of minutes later. Cloudbery was still in sight and we very slowly caught them up as we motored across the sound trying to catch the Easterly Tide stream to Startpoint. It was cold so all my clothing went on Including my gloves. Breakfast bacon and eggs sandwich done by Peter.


 And as we sailed close haul towards Startpoint

Caprice - Ian Thomas overhauled us. We sailed passed Dartmouth and the wind dropped, I was tacking through 180? then Peter decided that the motor would be better. As we passed 'Cloudberry' you cold see they were enjoying the Sun behind the spray hood, I'm told one Miss was still in her pyjamas having a duvet day? down below. On Volonte we were still all kitted out in jackets and leggings and needed it in the cool breeze. Coming into Brixham, Tomas the Tank engine was never better marshalled, we tied up alongside Lydia - Alan Bradfield. In the evening many of us went to a fish and chips restaurant in town.


The next morning Saturday bacon and eggs for breakfast. Brian Cleaned down the deck and I had a walk into Brixham, we were on the Events pontoon which was nearest to town but furthest from the Toilet block, we had to use a code number to enter, the facilities were very good .


Saturday evening was a Bar-Be-Q, Trago trays which were very practical but you did have to follow the instructions as the heat took a little while to get going.

Seven Ages - Steve Richmond was doing the baked potatoes for us all he's got a big oven, but it still took longer than planned, I got one of the first and it was worth the wait. Sitting on the pontoon where they had the  Bar-Be-Q trays, it was still warm! Teresa Ella & Mary Jane Toulouse helped Jess lead the singing,  Dave Combellack lead the final Chorus.





Sunday morning I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, eggs donated by Teresa "Thank you!"

Hawks Drift - Pat Mann left first thing in the morning  as he was going home that evening to Birmingham and needed to get going.

We started out after lunch and sailing in a fair wind but it was on our nose so the beat to windward took a long time. Making our way over the Skerries Bank and  round Start Point where the wind again headed us. 






  ? Crown Copyright 2007 Image produced from Ordnance Survey's Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


 Peter had looked at Starehole Cove on the left going into Salcombe and felt like checking it out, So we could quickly leave in the morning. It was quite breeze coming down over the hill so the anchorage was quite lively, The night was clear and very cold and you could see all the stars, but by morning it was calm.





Easter Monday Peter was keen to get back to see Di. With the tide stream changing Eastwards by 08:00hrs we again started out with a rising sun, leaving Caprice - Ian Thomas still anchored in the cove. Making it with one tack from Bolt Tail, I made Peter & Brian a bowl of noodles and we were off  the breakwater by 10:00hrs where they saw a Basking Shark, I said it was only a can with a small float behind, Wrong! as we came closer it was clearly seen. the wind was slight so Peter put on the motor and we were in the Ballastpound by midday.