Sunny Morning




This time last year on Friday 7th September 2012. It was a fine sunny morning and arrangements had been made for us, that?s Angela, Jacqui and I (Paul) to join Ralph and his boat PennCirrus at the TorPoint Mosquito Sailing Club. When we arrived Ralph was waiting for us, fortunately he wasn't wearing his pirate bandana. He took us down on the jetty and safely loaded us all on to PennCirrus. We stowed away the picnic in the cabin and settled ourselves comfortably in the cockpit.


Ralph manoeuvred out into the river Tamar.? Soon we were heading south towards Plymouth Sound.? When we were safe enough into the river Paul took over the rudder with instructions to steer to the left of the red buoy. Little did Ralph know that Paul was colour blind.? When that little problem was resolved we passed by Drakes Island, steered to port and entered King William docks passing? the imposing and colourful figure of the man himself, King Billy.




After a tour of the docks, admiring the newly built yachts and renovations to the docks, we headed? around the sound admiring the familiar views from a completely different perspective.?


Ralph then took us back out into the sound and now under sail we started making our way towards Mount Edgcumbe where we had a good view of the house through the trees. We sailed onto Cawsands where we anchored and had our picnic.






It was time for us to start making our way home and still under sail we made our way back to river Tamar.? We sailed close to the shoreline passing Fort Picklecombe then into the Tamar itself.






We sailed up the Tamar pass the submarine pens? up to Brunel?s

Royal Albert Bridge, better known as the Tamar Rail Bridge





And then finally back down the river and home, tired but very happy.

Thank you Ralph and  PennCirrus for a wonderful day out.? We enjoyed every minute.





BY Paul Griffithes