Wind In The Willows

It was with a good tide to go up stream on the Mon 21st June 2010, longest day of the Year..


01:3hrs BST / 4.85 m  : 
07:52hrs BST / 1.66 m  : 
14:13hrs BST / 4.70 m  : 
20:24hrs BST / 1.83 m  : 
Sun Rise 05:05hrs BST  : 
Sun Sets 21:31hrs BST  : 

 Going up the Tamar
Here is Dave & Angela

Why the title well,  I was fortunate to have friends that said, "As its your boat we can bring the food!" and my favourite saying comes from this book "Wind In The Willows".

"O stop, stop!"cried the Mole in ecstasies."

this is too much!" When not meaning exactly that at all!

Dave & Angela Stroud meet at our house and had came in plenty of time, as I had just came back from putting the engine in the well and putting some drinks down below.

I rowed out with Dave and slowly motored in to pick up Paulene & Angela with the cool box and basket. Motoring past the ferries I saw the log was not working so with Dave steering I went below and pulled the log impeller in and out, turned it 180°deg.  until it started reading, then I turned it for max speed. It seemed to work for the rest of the day.

Up past the Bridges we started to partake in the food, with a can of drink we had the choice of fruit cake or sponge. There is still a sunken boat opposite the Spaniards Inn at Cargreen, coming to

weir quay

Anglea was given the helm and told to go down the gap in between the boats well this morning my communication seemed to be lacking as she point to the nearest gap in between the boats and made for it. I had to explain there is a fairway where the boats are either side of the deep water and there is a gap between all the boats. At the start of the big bend the Fisher man was ashore with his large white Alsatian, we looked out for the seal but nothing seen. Angela asked what the big pink house was; I now know was

pentillie castle and estate.

Then continued Up to cotehele

mostly keeping near the Trees, the ferry to Calstock was in so we came alongside next to the Crane, for a comfort break, Angela had to go on to the cabin top and step over to the top of the

cotehele quay

well done! As we set off again I suggested it was now time for food 12:20hrs. As Angela got it all out including knifes and forks, I commented on the suitability of the plates as they were nice melamine wear, but so flat any thing could roll off on the boat.

Up to the sharp turn where the House with the veranda's were and then along past the

calstock boatyard

I was steering at about 3kts and enjoying the views of Calstock. Angela plated up, after we moved around the cockpit so I could view the Echo sounder (depth gauge) We had Ham, Pork pies, Susage rolls ,Boiled eggs, quiche, Spring Onions, Chicken Legs well " Oh! stop! cried Ralph this is too much! "

I ate with my fingers and on leaving Calstock and going past this Mine House, there was still some dinner left and this was soon dished out, our lunch was very nice!


Got to Morwellham and it was still, the water like a mirror and brown with mud now was the top of the tide. we came alongside steps and soon had a young man ask for £2.50 per person to go ashore, as I only had a fiver the girls declined to go and we pushed off. Going past the sunken Junk we came to a large group of canoes, one asked "Is it far to Morwellham?" About 5 min if you ran, I answered. Coming back to Calstock we saw the ferry coming up stream.


It was a beautiful day so we had used suntan cream, I'd keep my jeans and a long sleeved shirt on together with a hat, When we came back to

cotehele quay I took a chance and came alongside on the Ferry steps, and sent the crew ashore for a break and Ice-cream.

Refreshment at Coteel Quay

Coming back the sea breeze picked up and it was nice and cool. Paulene checked out our new stove and made a hot drink, there was still cake left and we had a little. 

Coming to Warren Point past the entrance to the River Tavey again it seemed the

tamar north buoy

(centre this chart) is right over too the right hand side and not strait ahead to the middle of the Saltash bridge which was easy to see. I've missed this buoy before, its colour was grey from the birds droppings, it was not until the echo sounder warned me it was getting shallow did I see it! Coming back to the Saltash Bridge Dave took over the steering as he had been this far before.