Paulene Ralph Amy Wolf

On Isle of Man Sept 2018

Sept 2018: We visited last Isle of Man. Well it was then a new car, we drove to Jeany Beany and stayed the night with Jean & Tony a early start and a hours drive to Heysham to catch the ferry.

Above Douglas

21st Sept 2018: After drive to Douglas to the Museum we had a flat tyre? We went above the Harbour to see Mural We then drove to south of the airport where we visited a friend of Amy and had dinner, coming home on the west coast road we had to stop as the car showed the Tyres were lower pressure again but we managed to get back to Ramsey driving steadily. The following morning, I went with Wolf to Andreas Road to the Vondy's Garage and they took the wheel off and we had it repaired it had been a screw that had worked in.

Laxey Wheel

22nd Sept 2018: Laxsey and Glen Maye south of the Castle town We had a visit to Castel town and Wolf took us to Glyn Maye.

Glen Maye
Paulene & Wolf at Glen Maye
Laila & Family

23rd Sept 2018: We called in at Laila´s and Paulene & I were tried on a hover board.

tried on a hover board
Tomai, Hermione & Raven

We went to the Mooragh Lake Park here we meet Tye and Raven while the children fist played on the eqipment. We carried on to Costa Coffee,

Tavise, Raven & Hermione

When Rohman came back we said goodbye as we were going home tomorrow. We then went to Laxsey for our Electric Railway ride .

Electric Railway
All Together for a Ride
a supprise greeted us at Snaefell Summit

Up the mountain a supprise greeted us at Snaefell Summit Restaurant & Café the top stop. The family had decided to come as well by car. Well Tara & Gary together with Giselle and the Twins were there! We went on to the top of Snaefell but nearly got blown off.

They felt like a Workout

Hermione, Giselle, Paulene & Tomai felt like a Workout before going down.

As they left a Wave Goodbye

When we got the train down, the family ran down the mountain.

As we Crossed the Road

They ran down to the road where they stood and waved a last goodbye as we passed.

24th Sept 2018: Got the Boat back in the morning.