Marie's 70 Birthday Party

"Photo from Elisabeth Johnson's Facebook"




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Wednesday New year’s day 2020
Got up early and was on the Torpoint ferry and across to Devonport by 08:00hrs.
Paulene drove till Cartgate services 09:40 hrs where we made a quick stop, l drove next and was on the M25 without delay drove until just before the M26 where we stopped at the Clacket Lane service station had coffee and set off to Ashford Tesco to buy flowers and a bottle of wine.
Then called Sarah who was surprised we were so early 14:30hrs. A little surprised by the roundabout with the sign to the A2070 & M25 so l had to go around again, we got to Sarah's and found a parking slot on the opposite side of the road.

They were all in Tom, Sarah, Bethan, Katelyn and Isaac. We were to stay in Isaac’s room at the top of the house. Tom had to pick up a Amazon parcel from a drop-box in the new designer-outlet-ashford it was a short walk and we were in the centre, it was interesting to see the drop-box with a keyboard for passwords.

Christmas Boorbell
" Theo Sarah Paulene Isaac Katelyn & Bethan"

We walked to the childrens playpark where Isaac raced around until he saw the girls had a chocolate drink, Tom then got him one as well. We saw a large Christmas bourbell big enough for us to go in

By now it was dark, Sarah said the Lamb was in the oven and should be ready when we got back. When we got in it smelt like it was ready. Katelyn set the table and we washed our hands.

This was for a New Years dinner and was with all the trimmings together with a Christmas pudding aflame, it was lovely and we also were offered brandy snaps, Tom made a lovely dish with cream in the ends summer fruit and a chocolate stick, with a gold coin all dusted over with white, they all gasped when I put the coin in my mouth! But I was just licking off the icing sugar.
We went to bed after Isaac was asleep he had left his head lamp for us to use without putting the main light on in his room.

Breakfast l had cereals and tea and after Paulene went for a walk with the girls & Isaac.


I planned picking up Andrea & Dan in Hythe. I left at 13:00hrs gut the wrong turn to the M25 and went through Sellindge but was waiting by 13:25hrs and by 13:30 there was Andrea & Dan walking along, put The Pines Garden Tea Room at St. Margaret Bay into the sat nav. We arrived 14:15hrs at the beach car park.
Walking back up to the cafe Liz was there, shortly Phil Hannah & Family arrived Tom came presently with family.


We kept out of sight until Marie came in and then we all said “Surprise !” When we were ready with the children all seated at one table, the plates of sandwiches and sausage rolls came out, later scones cream & jam. Last of all a large cake from Marie’s favourite shop came in with seven candles then a fountain of sparks was lit as well.
After this was divided there were presents a large book from us all and a kitchen knife from Dan also a large bouquet of flowers.

I walked down to the car as I could now see a space next to the entrance, came up to the Tea Rooms as we were all getting ready to drive home, Anika & Andrea came with us, we drove to Hythe so that Paulene could have a little while with her sister Marie, we had a potato soup made by Andrea but we didn’t stay long about 21:00hrs drove to Tom’s.

All the children were in bed but after talking about the “New House” then photos it was quite late before we went to bed.

After the afternoon tea we were topped up with food. I did want to go out with Tom and family, but Sarah &Tom explained my idea of a brunch at Sellindge Cafe was just too much food. Instead we went for a walk over the railway line in Ashford.

In the Frame

"Outside the Cinema Paulene posed with Bethan, Katelyn & Issac"

Tom & Issca

After which Tom lead us to a Caffè Nero

This is Tom with son Isaac.

Katelyn & Bethan

The next photo is Katelyn & Bethan.

Going back, the children’s first stop was W.H. Smith’s.
Then this nice shop

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe


Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe.

After Tom lead us past the Church and old parts of Ashford.

Queen Marie

Until we got back to the Statue of Queen Marie of Romania and the paving slabs of local stories.
We got back to the Tom & Sarah's house and left to drive to Kurt's right away about 14:00hrs as I thought that the Dart crossing would be a delay to our journey, but we had a trouble free drive and got to Kurt's at 16:40hrs.