Charles Henry Banks

Hello I'm granddad Banks. In other words, Charles Henry Banks.

Born Torpoint
4th August 1921

Died 21st August 2007

Married In Scotland

9th November 1946

Wife Mary Stevenson Gilchrist


I was born in Cornwall so I suppose that makes as a Cornishman.




My wife tells me that I have not said a word about what happened to me as a civilian during the war, before I was called up to the armed forces, So here goes

War in Torpoint

So! Shortly after my call up papers arrived and I reported to the office in the centre of Plymouth There, I had an argument with the recruitment man because he wanted me to go into the ARMY and I refused point blank. He said well! the Navy is full up. So I said what about, the Air Force, Oh! Alright if that is what you want.

Call up

Over Seas

My brothers and myself were away on war service. So we came hone to a strange home. From this address 12 Merrifield Terrace I left to go to Scotland and marry my war time


Pen Pal and Sweetheart


The place was called Hamilton and it was the first wedding in a new church, Whitehill Hall Church. My mother in-law lost three of her children in one year through marriage.


Leslie Rush

One of my Burma pals was our best man Leslie Rush and we still keep in contact, 50 years on.

So I shall have a go at trying to remember. Being as now I am gone 61 and have had two strokes, that won't be easy.



Royal Air Force Service


War in 09-06-42 Out 1947


Peace Time.


RELEASE DATE 29th October 1971


A S P Holland 26/09/56 to 31/05/58
229 0 C U Chivenor 10/05/54 to 26/09/56
Eindhoven Holland 31/05/58 to 31/03/59
R A F Binbrook 31/03/59 to 28/03/60
Honnington 28/03/60 to 16/08/62
R A F Seletar 16/08/62 to 21/02/65
R A F Cosford 21/02/65 to 08/03/67
R A F gan MALDIVES 08/03/67 to 01/03/68
R A F Colerne 01/03/68 to 29/10/7101/03/68 to 29/10/71

Living at Kingsley Avenue untill 21/12/71 then at 34 Wellington Torpoint
Cornwall.PL11 2DF.

Bought this house off Mr G Rowe an old school pal, who now lives at Cawsand near Milibrook. Cornwall.

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